Chassis & Faceplates


Electronics Chassis enclosures are available in a variety of space-saving sizes to accommodate your exact board and equipment configuration requirements.

Sheet Metal Chassis

Common Custom Chassis and Faceplate Products

  • Rack Mount Chassis and Faceplates
  • Industrial Computer Chassis and Faceplates
  • Networking/Communications Chassis and Faceplates
  • Custom Chassis and Faceplates
  • DVR Chassis and Faceplates
  • Stereo Chassis and Faceplates
  • Satellite Chassis and Faceplates
  • Audio Video Distribution
  • Broadcasting Equipment
  • Cable Management
  • DIN Mount Enclosures
Chassis Enclosures

We specialize in parts for Electrical and Electronics equipment

Bayview Metals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that manufactures a wide variety of products to very tight tolerances such as; pcb board shrouds, housings, cabinets, control panels, chassis, bracket, panel, faceplate, heat sink, frame, card cage enclosure, or any other metal part.

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