Rack Mount

” We offer customers many options when designing and manufacturing their high quality communication equipment enclosures “

Michael Bureau
Vice President


Custom Metal Enclosures

Custom Rack Mounts are a specialty at Bayview Metals

We fabricate rack-mounted packages for all types of electronics and computing devices including servers, test instruments, telecommunications components, as well as audio & video equipment.

Most importantly, these rack mount systems must fit the custom design requirements exactly.  The goal is dense hardware configurations without occupying excessive floor space or requiring shelving and be well designed for proper air flow.

Custom Rack Mounts

Most Common are

  • Rack Mount Cases
  • Rack Mount Computers
  • Rack Mount Power Supplies
  • Rack Mount Server
  • Audio Visual Rack Mounts
  • Broadcasting Rack Mounts
  • Any Custom Rack Mount Assembly

We specialize in parts for Electrical and Electronics equipment

Bayview Metals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that manufactures a wide variety of products to very tight tolerances such as; pcb board shrouds, housings, cabinets, control panels, chassis, bracket, panel, faceplate, heat sink, frame, card cage enclosure, or any other metal part.

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