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Sheet Metal FabricationVirtually any sheet metal part can be manufactured at Bayview Metals, from simple faceplates, to parts with more complex geometry. We have made custom metal parts from stainless steel sewage treatment hardware, to parts that were installed on the Canadarm in space. Common parts fabricated would be internal electronic components and the external metal chassis itself to supply a complete source for our customers. These parts can include any part in the assembly such as pcb board shrouds, fan brackets, heat sinks, bus bars, mounting plates, card guides, EMI shields, rack mount brackets, etc.

Heat Sink Metal PartsOur specialization in providing solutions to electronic companies does not rule out other, or less intricate contract manufacturing solutions such as lcd shelves, Vesa mounts and brackets, video conference furniture, machine and conveyor equipment, solar panel mounting hardware, or really, any other sheet metal part which is required. As a sheet metal Job Shop, we will manufacture whatever part / design you are looking for.


  • Rack Mounting Brackets
  • Din Mounting Brackets
  • Speaker Mounting Brackets
  • Hard Drive Mounting Brackets
  • Channel Mounting Brackets
  • Simple Metal Shelves
  • Fan Housing Brackets
  • Power Supply Brackets
  • PCB Mounting
Rack Mounting Brackets


  • Card Guide Frames
  • Rack Mount Frames
  • Telecommunication Frames
  • Rack Mount Frames
Telecommunication Frames

Mounting Plates

  • PCB Board Mounting Plates
  • Custom Lighting Mounting Plates
  • Camera Mounting Plates
  • Projector Mounting Plates
Projector Mounting Plates

Heat Sinks

  • Aluminum Or Copper
  • Bus Bars
  • Sheet Metal Heat Sinks
  • Extruded Heat Sinks
Sheet Metal Heat Sinks

Metal Housings

  • Complete Chassis Assemblies
  • Weldments
  • Housings for Electronics
  • Electronic Housings
Electronic Housings

Metal Bases

  • Base Plates
  • Bases and Covers for Chassis assembly
  • Audio / Video Box Bases
  • Satellite Receiver Bases
Satellite Receiver Bases

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