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Over 45 years in business with Quality Control as a main aspect. We are ISO 9001:2015 registered.

With continuous Improvement, and customer satisfaction our main goals we have a commitment to meet our customers’ demands on time.Contract manufacturing has been conducted since our start in 1971. Bayview Metals has earned a solid reputation in the industry, and as a result of this, have maintained many of the same customers over this course of time.

We take responsibility for the design and manufacture of individual tools, process development, preventive maintenance, secondary finishing or assembly processes, packaging, and final delivery to your manufacturing center.

At Bayview Metals our dedicated and competent staff is here to ensure that all of your questions regarding the increasing of productivity and gaining further market share are answered.

Continuously improving over the years

We have moved to larger locations, and constantly upgrade and add machinery, hardware, software or any resource needs to be able to offer top quality parts and service at a competitive price, with a fast turnaround time. The Amada EMK 3510NT is a prime example of our dedication to quality and the environment.


We have the technology to electronically receive product designs so your orders and specifications get to us without delay. Using Solidworks Design and Computes Punch 5 CAM software helps to ensure that customers receive a part exactly as they have designed.

Quality is Priority Number 1

Bayview Metals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified precision fabricator and manufacturer of custom sheet metal parts. Our dedicated staff ensures that we provide our customers products made with the latest sheet metal innovations on the market.

JIT Delivery System with Top Quality

We are very competitive with Asian markets by providing a parts inventory coupled with a JIT delivery system. Experience has demonstrated there is much less chance for product loss or damage during shipment.


Bayview Metals computerized operation begins with our computer aided design. Our Amada EMK 3510NT continues through with computerized CNC Turret manufacturing.
This gives us the power to punch steel, aluminum, and other materials to the tight tolerances that you need for your precision pieces.

Parts then move on to receive any processes not completed in the punch press such as tapping. All parts are de-burred and/or sanded depending on the application.

From there the parts are formed up in our CNC Press Brake department.
Any specified hardware is inserted.

Finally, our sheet metal welding line uses MIG, TIG and Spot welding for your product before any coating is applied.

Local Bayview Metals Delivery

Bayview Metals maintains a delivery fleet of vehicles to handle client deliveries within a 200 Kilometer radius of our facilities in Ajax, Ontario. Delivery by our vehicles and employees allows parts to arrive when you need them, undamaged, and with a minimum of packaging.

Bayview Metals has over 40 years (est. 1971) of sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing experience. We have streamlined the production process to ensure top quality and excellent service.

We specialize in parts for Electrical and Electronics equipment

Bayview Metals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that manufactures a wide variety of products to very tight tolerances such as; pcb board shrouds, housings, cabinets, control panels, chassis, bracket, panel, faceplate, heat sink, frame, card cage enclosure, or any other metal part.

A Real Person Answers the Phone

We’ve used our precision metal stampings to eliminate many production headaches and sleepless nights for our customers.

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