Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Cambridge, ON

Bayview Metals was established almost 50 years ago. Since then, we’ve developed a reputation as a custom metal fabrication industry leader. We have many repeat customers and numerous long-running business relationships in Cambridge, Ontario, all of which is strong evidence of our focus on superior workmanship and products.

Flexible Reshoring Opportunities

Fabricated parts can be delivered to your manufacturing center or contract manufacturer in Cambridge, ON. This is an added benefit for local Businesses seeking reshoring options.

Bayview services offer a variety of solutions to match your specific reshoring requirements at the local level. It starts with Automation & Advanced Technology that delivers Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is combined with mechanical assembly and other finishing services, depending on the exact requirements of the local facility.

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We continue to do business with many of the top manufacturers in Cambridge and beyond. Our custom metal fabrication and attention to customer needs sets us apart.


Derek Richardson, Manager

Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturing Mississauga

An Emphasis On The Fabrication Of Quality Metal Has To Include Customer Service

Here at Bayview Metals, we emphasize customer service as part of our focus on quality, because we know it’s an essential part of meeting and even exceeding the expectations of our customers in Cambridge, Ontario. We offer full-service turnkey solutions for our clients who can use our options in streamlining their own supply chain management.

We provide totally finished and silkscreened sheet metal fabrications along with:

  • Services for kitting and final assembly

  • Customized packaging

  • Stocking programs

  • Expedient delivery

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Fabricated parts can be delivered to your manufacturing center or contract manufacturer in Cambridge, ON.

One of the Finest Metal Fabricators Serving Cambridge Ontario

Our combination of highly experienced staff, high-caliber materials, and industry-best machines and technology lets us produce some of the market’s best custom metal fabrication.

Employing the latest technological advancements, such as automation of various processes, we can OFFER BETTER PRICING, while REDUCING TURNAROUND TIMES.

Michael Bureau, Vice-President

Bayview Metals owns everything outright, including our machines, materials, building, and even our property. This means we have the fiscal stability to stand the test of time, which is why so many of our customers have learned to trust that we are here when they need us, and that’s resulted in the establishment of deep and trusting relationships over time.

Quality includes On Time Delivery

We believe that delivering our work on time is essential to the overall quality of our work. This is exactly why we don’t just commit to providing our clients product so premium quality, but that we also do son with on-time deliveries at competitive price points. We believe in this so much that we included this in our Quality Policy, which is part of our larger ISO 9000:2015 system which is regularly measured and monitored for performance compliance.

Whether we handling continuing production or a one-off order, we make the necessary arrangements to get your orders shipped right to you using our delivery trucks that service Cambridge and surrounding areas.

The city of Cambridge and its surrounding areas has numerous employers. Manufacturing is certainly the biggest industry in the region, as it employs nearly 1 in 5 workers here. Cambridge also has over 10,000 different business establishments. A lot of these are manufacturing businesses that need customized sheet metal products. Here at Bayview Metals, we’re driven to help area businesses grow and prosper by offering them high-caliber and customized sheet metal components made right here in Canada.

From customized rack-mount assemblies to electrochemical components, we provide customized metal parts for industries as diverse as telecommunications and industrial machinery, and we are capable of handling anything in between. Our delivery truck fleet makes deliveries to clients that are in Cambridge and surrounding area in Ontario.

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Let us show you why Bayview has become a name synonymous with superior quality.

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FAQs about Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Mississauga

What is the CNC turret punch press?

The CNC turret punch press is more technically known as a computer numerically controlled sheet-metal fabricating machine. It uses a variety of tools in different shapes and sizes in order to punch out or cut out the profiles for sheet metal parts. Given the breadth and depth of our tooling inventory, these machines prove to be highly versatile and quite fast. We use machines like these to do things that other CNC cutting methodologies can’t do, including small bends, knockouts, emboss, countersinking, tapping, and lances, to name just a few. We have Amada machinery that is renown at some of the industry’s best, and we also have bigger turrets featuring 58 stations that give us access to cut punches ranging from 0.040″ to 4.500″ in size.

How specifically does metal fabrication even work?

The process of metal fabrication begins when you let us know what your project specifications are, which includes the quantity, measurements, the kind of metal you need, and when you are going to need all this finished by. We design the project per these specifications, and once we have your approval, we get started with the manufacturing. We do every bit of our design and construction, as well as manufacturing, right here on-site so we can oversee every aspect of the project in order to make sure it meets and exceeds your requirements. We have very experienced technicians and industry-leading equipment, such as welding machines, CNC punching machines, and CNC laser cutters, that let us come up with excellent products for our clients.

What exactly is DFM?

DFM stands for ‘design for manufacturability’. This is what it’s called when a client and metal sheet fabrication team thoroughly go over the part design, resources, and manufacturing capabilities in order to make sure that any potential manufacturing is going to be both cost-efficient and cost-effective at the same time.

This process also takes into consideration consistent of quality standards, the quantity necessary for production, and other client requirements. Given this, it looks at:

  • Quality compliance
  • Part specifications
  • Material types
  • Quality-testing compliance
  • Environmental compliance
What advantages does custom sheet metal fabrication have to offer?

The primary advantages include:

-The capability to make nearly anything, including distinct designs and sizes, across product sizes small and large alike.

-An effective means of managing quality, be it shaping the design or dimensional tolerance.

-Cost-efficiency, given how final products meet your specific applications or requirements, which means no more adjustments are necessary later.

-You get a say over the whole fabrication process, given how you are working with an expert team of custom sheet metal fabrication professionals.

-Jobs are finished faster when your team works in conjunction with the team from the custom sheet metal fabrication company.

-Enhanced product durability and usefulness, since the applied sheet metal gets fabricated to suit your distinct environment and/or working conditions, like vibrations, stress, chemicals, and temperature.

-Increases in productivity and efficiency, given how customized sheet metal fabrication lets you optimize your design, which makes them suitable or just more compatible for your specific requirements and applications.

What distinguishes metal fabrication from metal stamping?

Metal stamping might refer to a variety of different metal forming operations. These can be in addition to the stretching, folding, pressing, bending, and stamping actions which are utilized in the production of the final part. Every metal stamping process uses punch presses featuring customized dies and tooling in order to yield the patterns, shapes, and other various characteristics which parts might need to have. Generally speaking, using the stamping process typically offers tighter tolerances than are usually possible through metal fabrication. It’s a quick and cost-efficient means of metal part production in high volumes.

Metal fabrication means manufacturing three-dimensional metal components and parts through bending, cutting, and/or a number of other assembly processes. Fabrication typically means using equipment that is more specialized, like CNC turret presses, CNC press brakes, CNC laser cutters, and welding. Metal fabrication usually proves to be a more economical means of producing parts when needed in lower quantities, considering how the tooling necessary with stamping can get expensive. Fabrication also offers much broader design flexibility when compared to stamping, since there isn’t any tooling to get changed if your part design needs to be altered.

What exactly is a CNC press brake machine anyway?

A CNC press brake is a kind of machine which gets utilized in forming bends in the applied sheet metal parts. CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control. That means that software programming is what controls the machine. PLC controllers can offer the highest level of potential repeatability. Every variable gets controlled via the machine’s computer, instead of manually. This includes die selection, backguage settings, pressure, and the like.

How exactly does a press brake actually work?

A press brake does its work by clamping the involved sheet metal between a variety of dies and punches. This is what forms up any necessary bends in the applied material. Backguages are what wind up determining the bend sizes. The dies, punches, and RAM determine both the radius and angles of the various bends. CNC press brakes let controllers do most of the necessary calculations for this process with efficiency and precision.