Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Dartmouth, NS

With a company history stretching back almost 50 years, Bayview Metals has done more than enough business to establish itself as one of the leaders in the custom metal fabrication industry. Thanks to our commitment to excellence, we have established long-term working relationships with highly satisfied customers in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia who trust Bayview with all of their metal fabrication jobs.

Flexible Reshoring Opportunities

Fabricated parts can be delivered to your manufacturing center or contract manufacturer in Dartmouth, NS. This is an added benefit for local Businesses seeking reshoring options.

Bayview services offer a variety of solutions to match your specific reshoring requirements at the local level. It starts with Automation & Advanced Technology that delivers Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is combined with mechanical assembly and other finishing services, depending on the exact requirements of the local facility.

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We continue to do business with many of the top industrial manufacturers in Dartmouth and Halifax area. Our custom metal fabrication and attention to customer needs sets us apart.


Derek Richardson, Manager

Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturing Mississauga

Customer Service Is The Key To Quality Metal Fabrication

At Bayview, the top priority to meet or exceed customers’ expectations on every job. This is achieved with a twin focus on doing high-quality work and providing exceptional customer service in Dartmouth, NS. Bayview helps keep clients’ supply chains smooth with customizable, full-service turnkey solutions.

Our core business is fabricating fully-finished silkscreened sheet metal products. This core is enhanced with additional services to better serve customers’ needs, including:

  • Kitting and final assembly
  • Stocking programs
  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Custom packaging
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Fabricated parts can be delivered to your manufacturing center or contract manufacturer in Dartmouth, ON.

Leaders in Custom Metal Fabricators Serving Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Bayview delivers industry-leading metal fabrication services by combining premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and a skilled, highly-trained staff.

Employing the latest technological advancements, such as automation of various processes, we can OFFER BETTER PRICING, while REDUCING TURNAROUND TIMES.

Michael Bureau, Vice-President

The Bayview Metals operation is completely self-contained; tools, equipment, and facilities are all owned outright. This enhances the firm’s financial stability and demonstrates to customers that Bayview is a secure, reliable firm suitable for long-term partnerships.

On-Time Delivery Is An Integral Part Of Quality Work

Bayview Metals understands how important customers’ timetables are. This is why delivering products on time is considered just as important as affordable pricing and good workmanship. On-time delivery is fully integrated into Bayview’s ISO 9000:2015 quality policy; Timeliness is measured carefully and constantly to meet the highest standards.

Thanks to our integrated delivery fleet, Bayview can ship orders to Dartmouth, NS according to clients’ schedules. Bayview makes the same effort to meet the client’s schedule whether the specific job in question is a one-time order or a part of an ongoing production arrangement.

Situated on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is known as the City of Lakes. The Halifax Regional Municipality has officially designated Dartmouth as part of the capital district. Owing to geographic convenience and local economic activity, Dartmouth has developed itself into the Maritimes’ foremost city for commerce and light industry. It’s helped along toward this goal by its major port and the many ship-building concerns operating in the area. Custom sheet metal products are in high demand in Dartmouth, and Bayview Metals is ready to meet local customers’ needs. Bayview provides the best in Canadian-made custom components.

Bayview has the facilities, equipment, and expertise to create and deliver virtually any kind of custom metal parts. The company fabricates components for a range of different industries, including manufacturing and telecommunications. Headquartered in Ajax, Ontario, Bayview Metals operates a truck fleet that allows it to handle its own deliveries to clients in Dartmouth, NS.

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FAQs about Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Mississauga

What's The Metal Fabrication Workflow Like?

Every job starts with the specifications provided by the client. The fabrication team needs measurements, material preferences, quantities, and delivery deadlines. Designing the components is always handled in-house, and once Bayview’s plans meet with the client’s approval, the company moves straight to manufacturing. With all of its processes handled internally, the company can exercise a great level of oversight to ensure every product meets all of the client’s requirements. The trained and experienced Bayview technicians use a range of state-of-the-art tools (including CNC laser cutters, CNC punchers, and welding machines) to create clients’ products.

What Is Design For Manufacturability (DFM)?

This is a design philosophy that encourages the client and the fabrication team to work together to ensure that project requirements are met in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. Part design, resources, and manufacturing capabilities are all weighed in the DFM process.

Quality standards, special client requirements, and project quantities also matter in DFM. The key factors to consider include:

  • Part specifications
  • Material requirements
  • Environmental compliance
  • Quality assessment and testing
What Separates Metal Stamping And Metal Fabrication?

Metal stamping is typically used as “catch-all” term that includes a wide range of metal-forming operations – not just stamping, but also bending, folding, stretching, and pressing. In a metal stamping process, custom-made tooling and dies are fitted to punch presses to produce the exact shapes required for the parts being produced. The chief advantage of metal stamping is that it can quickly produce large quantities of cost-effective metal parts. Tolerances in metal stamping are typically tighter than in metal fabrication.

Metal fabrication uses an even wider variety of tools and techniques to create three-dimensional metal parts. More specialized equipment is used, such as CNC laser cutters, welding machines, CNC turret presses, and CNC press brakes. Metal fabrication can be the more cost-effective option for producing metal parts in smaller numbers; the tooling required for stamping can be prohibitively expensive for small production runs. Metal fabrication is also a more flexible process. Because there is no tooling to replace, part designs can be altered with minimal delay and expense.

What's A CNC Turret Punch Press?

A CNC punch press uses a variety of different tools to cut or punch custom shapes out of sheet metal. The “CNC” attached to the name indicates the machine is directly controlled by computer; it stands for “Computer Numerical Controlled.” A CNC turret punch press is a very versatile machine because it can handle an exceptional number of forming operations, including countersinking, embossing, tapping, bends, lances, knockouts, and more. Bayview Metals uses industry-leading CNC presses produced by Amada. The turrets on Bayview’s presses include 58 different stations and can punch cuts anywhere between 0.040″ and 4.500″.

What Makes A CNC Press Brake Different?

As in the above discussion of CNC turret punch presses, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology adds complete computer oversight to the operation of the press brake. Software programming and digital design files dictate all of the machine’s activity. PLC controllers track all of the variables of production and ensure that every operation is highly repeatable and consistent. On a CNC press brake, every meaningful variable – including pressure, die selection, and back gauge settings – is controlled digitally rather than manually.

What Benefits Does Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Offer?

The primary benefits of custom sheet metal fabrication are:

  • Complete freedom to create unique designs in any size.
  • Effective and total quality control, including shapes, measurements, and dimensional tolerances.
  • A custom fabrication delivers great value by supplying parts built expressly for the job at hand, with no adjustments required.
  • Partnership with a professional fabrication company gives the client full control over every part of the fabrication process.
  • Close coordination can produce parts very quickly.
  • Custom fabrication can create more durable parts exactly suited to the environment they’ll be used — resistant to temperature, stress, vibration, chemicals, etc.
How Does A Press Brake Work?

A press brake permanently reshapes sheet metal by forming bends over different dies and punches. Bend size is controlled with back gauges, while the punches and dies themselves determine the angles and radii of the bends.