Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Guelph, ON

For almost 50 years, Bayview Metals has been considered as one of the top companies when it comes to custom metal fabrications in the GTA area. One of the things that we are proud of is our long-lasting partnerships with our clients, many are coming back for more, simply proves that we are committed to providing excellent service, regardless of how big or small our clients’ projects are.

Flexible Reshoring Opportunities

Fabricated parts can be delivered to your manufacturing center or contract manufacturer in Guelph, ON. This is an added benefit for local Businesses seeking reshoring options.

Bayview services offer a variety of solutions to match your specific reshoring requirements at the local level. It starts with Automation & Advanced Technology that delivers Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is combined with mechanical assembly and other finishing services, depending on the exact requirements of the local facility.

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We continue to do business with many of the top manufacturers in Guelph and beyond. Our custom metal fabrication and attention to customer needs sets us apart.


Derek Richardson, Manager

Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturing Mississauga

Being in the Metal Fabrication Industry Also Includes Impeccable Customer Service

Here at Bayview Metals, we make sure that we bring focus on the quality of customer support and service we provide to our customers in Guelph, Ontario. This ensures that we will be able to meet the needs of our clients, no matter what. By making sure we provide excellent service, from the products to customer satisfaction results to a more fluid supply chain management.

What we offer: sheet metal fabrications that are fully finished with:

  • Custom-built packaging
  • Assembly and furnishing services
  • Fast delivery turnaround
  • Stocking programs
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Fabricated parts can be delivered to your manufacturing center or contract manufacturer in Guelph, ON.

One of the Finest Metal Fabricators Serving Guelph Ontario

We provide the best custom metal fabrications in the industry by hiring only the best staff, equipped with proper skills through training, and by using only the best technology and machinery.

Employing the latest technological advancements, such as automation of various processes, we can OFFER BETTER PRICING, while REDUCING TURNAROUND TIMES.

Michael Bureau, Vice-President

From the building and the property, we at Bayview Metals own everything securing our customers that we will not be going anywhere. Have the peace of mind that doing business with us is worth the investment, especially in the long run. Everything at Bayview Metals is owned outright, including the property and building. This gives Bayview Metals financial strength and offers security to our customers that we will be here when needed and are worth the investment of building a partnership with.

Quality includes On Time Delivery

Bayview Metals understands the importance of getting those deliveries for our clients on time. We are fully committed to making sure that other than providing quality products, competitive pricing, we also make sure that all shipments and deliveries will be on time – if not, even earlier. To show you that we are serious about this, we have even added this towards our Quality Policy, in lieu with our ISO 9000:2015 for performance monitoring.

Whether it’s an ongoing production release or a one-time purchase, our company will make sure that proper arrangements will be done to ensure that all of your orders will arrive and will be shipped from our delivery trucks servicing Guelph, ON.

Just east of the Kithener-Waterloo and about 10 kilometers away from west Toronto is Guelph – situated in one of the most ideal and one of the biggest commercial regions in the country. Within the city, construction, building, and manufacturing is the number one sector of the city’s economic structure, auto parts manufacturing holding the most significant spot. A lot of these companies in Guelph require custom sheet metal products and here at Bayview Metals, we are fully committed to helping all of these businesses thrive by ensuring we offer only the best quality, custom sheet metals in the entire region, if not, in the entire country.

We cater almost all kinds of metal sheets from custom rack-mount assemblies, custom metal parts to electromechanical parts. Our equipment, technology, and machines can accommodate all of these needs. We are also equipped with an entire fleet of shipping and delivery trucks, ensuring you we’ll personally deliver your products from our manufacturing facility.

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Let us show you why Bayview has become a name synonymous with superior quality.

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FAQs about Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Mississauga

How Does Metal Fabrication Work?

It all starts with you letting us know your project specifications. This includes the quantity, exact measurements, types of metals and the date when you’ll need these. On our end, we’ll go ahead and design it and show it to you for your approval. Once the design is approved, the manufacturing process begins. We will then start the process on-site and make sure that we’ll personally check the project to make sure that all of your requirements are met. Your project will be taken care of our by skilled technicians, using only the best and state-of-the-art technology like welding and CNC punching machines – making sure that we’ll only produce only the best quality of products for our clients.

CNC Turret Punch Press - What Is It?

CNC or Computer Numerical Controlled is a sheet metal fabrication equipment that makes use of different sizes and tool shapes to punch or even cut sheet metal parts. These machines make the entire process faster and more efficient. They’re not just limited to cutting and punching, they can also be used for other forming projects such as embossing, tapping, knockouts, small bends, countersinking and many others. Our machinery has a great reputation and is known to be the best in the city – with more than 58 stations, which lets us punch sheets with sizes 0.040 inches to 4.500 inches.

What are the Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The main advantages may include but are not limited to:

The ability to create almost anything, from basic designs and sizes to the most complicated designs, big or small.

This process is known to effectively control the quality of sheet metals from its design, dimensional tolerance, and shape.

Cheaper since the final product is accurate and will surely meet the dimensions you have provided. No additional work needed to adjust sizes and shapes.

The customers can provide their input since you’ll be personally working with skilled staff from our custom sheet fabrication company.

With you or your staff working with our staff, we can work on your project in a more efficient and faster manner.

Custom sheet metal fabrication also assures you that the product will be more durable and useful. Your project will be designed and created to make sure that it meets your working conditions and environment, with other factors including stress, chemicals used, temperature, vibrations, and many others.

If you opt for custom sheet metal fabrication, you can easily optimize your project’s design, making sure that it’s compatible with your needs. With that in mind, this will increase your workflow’s productivity and efficiency.

What's DFM?

DFM or Design for Manufacturability is where the client, that’s you, and the metal sheet fabrication team, that’s us, carefully examine the design, resources, manufacturing capability to make sure that the entire manufacturing of this project is effective, and within the budget.

Additionally, this process also takes into consideration the amount or quantity that needs to be produced to achieve the quality that each customer requires. With that in mind, this process also examines:

Quality Compliance
Type of Material
Part Specifications
Environmental Compliance
Quality Testing Compliance

How is metal fabrication different from metal stamping?

Metal stamping can be defined as any type of project requiring metal forming. Other than stamping, other operations and actions may be required for the final part, which includes but are not limited to pressing, bending, folding and stretching. Most metal stamping operations make use of a punch press machine, mostly with custom-made dies and tools, that will then turn a metal sheet into a specific shape, or include a pattern or other characteristic that the customer needs. Generally speaking, metal stamping is a quick and cost-effective way to produce parts in huge quantities.

Metal fabrication, on the other hand, is more focused on manufacturing metal parts that produces 3d results that are achieved through bending, cutting and/or other assembly methods. Metal fabrication may require a more specialized machine for this, such as CNC press brakes, laser cutters, turret presses, and welding machines. It is usually a more cost-effective process to produce metal parts in smaller quantities since the tooling process with the use of stamping can be expensive. As compared to stamping, fabrication is also suited for customers who are looking for more design flexibility, this is because once the process is done, there’s no tooling that needs changing in case some of your designs require some revisions.

What is a CNC Press Brake Machine?

CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control. On the other hand, a press brake machine is one that’s used to bend sheet metal parts. Combined, this machine can bend metal parts but is controlled through a computer, with the use an extensively programmed computer software. CNC press brake machines are configured with programs that allow you to repeat the process, allowing the operator to control everything from the computer, rather than controlling everything from the machine or doing things manually. Operations that can be controlled from the computer may include the die selection, pressure and back gauge settings.

A press brake machine, how does this work?

In summary, it clamps sheet metals and is placed in the middle of various dies and punches. This process is the one responsible for creating and forming the bends on the metal. Back gauges, on the other hand, is the one responsible for determining the bends’ sizes. Other parts such as the punches, RAM and dies are the ones used to determine the radius and the angles of the metal bends. These CNC press brakes perform the calculations on the operator’s behalf, resulting to a more accurate and more efficient end-result.