Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Ottawa, On

Bayview Metals has been diligently serving business community in the Ottawa area by providing top-quality custom metal fabrication services for the last fifty years. Over the previous five decades, we have developed strong bonds with our clients and customers and lasting business relationships with many businesses, all of which are a testament to our commitment and dedication to excellence and our clients and businesses.

Flexible Reshoring Opportunities

Fabricated parts can be delivered to your manufacturing center or contract manufacturer in Ottawa, ON. This is an added benefit for local Businesses seeking reshoring options.

Bayview services offer a variety of solutions to match your specific reshoring requirements at the local level. It starts with Automation & Advanced Technology that delivers Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is combined with mechanical assembly and other finishing services, depending on the exact requirements of the local facility.

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We continue to do business with many of the top manufacturers in the Ottawa area and beyond. Our custom metal fabrication and attention to customer needs sets us apart.

Derek Richardson, Manager

Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturing Mississauga

Focusing On Quality Metal Fabrication And Customer-Centric Services

At Bayview Metal’s, our enduring focus is providing customer-centric services and providing the highest quality products possible, both of which have helped us not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations in Ottawa, Ontario. For instance, our full-services turnkey solutions streamline our clients’ supply chain for cost-effective and easier chain management.

Bayview Metals offers finished, silkscreened metal fabrication services combined with:

  • Stocking programs
  • Custom packaging
  • Final assembly & and kitting services, and
  • Just in time delivery
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Fabricated parts can be delivered to your manufacturing center or contract manufacturer in Ottawa, ON.

One of the Finest Metal Fabricators Serving Ottawa, Ontario

Using state of the art technology and machinery with top quality materials, and skilled trained staff, we supply some of the finest custom metal fabrications on the market.

Employing the latest technological advancements, such as automation of various processes, we can OFFER BETTER PRICING, while REDUCING TURNAROUND TIMES.

Michael Bureau, Vice-President

To provide meet our customers’ demand, we only top quality materials, hire the best trained and experienced staff and invest in state of the art machinery and technology. You can rest assured we produce the finest custom metal fabrications in the GTA.

Quality includes On Time Delivery

We appreciate the importance of on-time delivery. That is why we focus on providing all our customers with implacable products, competitive pricing, and on-time deliveries. In fact, as part of our ISO 9000:2015 system, on-time delivery continuously measured and tracked as part of our Quality Policy performance metrics.

Importantly, we assure our customers on-time delivery regardless of whether it is a one-time order or an on-going production release. We use our delivery trucks serving Ottawa and the surrounding areas, ensuring you get your order on time.

The City of Ottawa is not only the capital city of Canada; it is also home to a million people, making it the fourth-largest municipality in our country. On the business, front, Ottawa is world-renowned for being a top city to do business in, as the many awards the city has received indicate.

It is the stellar business environment gave rise to great employment diversity, which includes manufacturing. With many manufacturing in need of custom metal products, Bayview Metals focuses meeting the metal components needs of business and helping them grow and thrive. We focus on providing highest-quality sheet metal products that are wholly Canadian made.

From custom rack-mount assemblie to electrochemical components and custom metal part, we serve a diverse range of industries that includes telecommunications, industrial machinery, and many other industries. We are equipped and capable of handling almost anything. Furthermore, we a fleet of delivery trucks, that ensure we make on-time delivery to clients located within our delivery zone which includes Ottawa, ON.

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Let us show you why Bayview has become a name synonymous with superior quality.

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FAQs about Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Mississauga

How Does Metal Fabrication Work?

Our metal fabrication process starts with the customers defining the specifications of their project; you will tell us the component measurements, the type of metal the components should be made using, the quantity, and when you need the products. After that, our specialists design the project and seek your approval. After, the consent we begin the manufacturing process.

Everything is in-house, including the design, manufacturing, construction, and project overseeing to make sure the project meets your needs and demands. We have a team of highly-skilled technicians who implement projects using state-of-art machines and tools such as CNC laser cutters, welding machines, and CNC punching machines. Our investment these machines give us the capability can capacity to produce top-quality components for our customers.

How does a press brake work?

It works by clamping sheet metal between the various dies and punches. This process creates bends in the metal. Backguages determine the bend sizes. The punches, RAM, and dies determine the radius and angles of the bends. A CNC press brakes also gives the controllers the ability to perform the calculations needed to complete the process efficiently and accurately.

What are the Various Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The variety of benefits include:

It accords you the ability to make almost anything; this possible owing to custom sizes (from small to large) and design.

You get a means of controlling the quality of the components with regards to dimensional tolerant, shape, and design.

Custom sheet metal fabrication is cost-effective as the final components are made to a specific requirements. You will not need to make any final adjustment, which adds to the cost of components.

As a customer, you play a leading role in the entire fabrication process. You will work with a team of skill and profession fabricators to complete the project.

With your company collaborating with a team of experts sheet metal fabricators, your project will be done faster.

Custom sheet metal fabrication increases product durability and usefulness. The sheet metal fabrication process is always designed to meet your unique working and environmental conditions, taking into consideration factors such as stress, chemicals, vibration, etc.

It increases productivity and efficiency. Custom sheet metal fabrication allows you to optimize your design, thereby ensuring the designs are suitable and compatible for your needs. This alone goes a long way in improving efficiency and productivity.

What Is CNC Turret Punch Press?

This is a Computer Numerical Controlled steel metal fabricator that uses tools of various shapes and sizes to punch out and cut profile on sheet metal parts. The machine is also capable of doing forming operations (such as embossing, tapping, knockouts, countersinking, lances, small bends, etc.) that many other CNC cutting machines are not capable of doing.

With a wealth in tooling inventory, our CNC Turret Punch Press machines are not only fast but also versatile. The machines are capable of doing forming. Importantly, we have a wide variety of machines that make us the most capable sheet metal fabricators. For instance, we have a large 58-stations turret that punches cuts ranging from 0.040″ to 4.500″.

What are the differences between metal fabrication and metal stamping?

Metal stamping consisting of a wide variety of metal forming operations that includes stamping, folding, pressing, bending, and even stretching that are used to produce parts. Metal stamping process utilize stamping the punch press that makes use of custom dies and tooling designed to create the custom-shape, design, and size of the final part. Stamping is a fast, cost-effective method of producing parts in large quantities. Another notable characteristic of stamping is that stamping is inherently capable of providing tighter tolerances as compared to metal fabrication.

Metal fabrication, on the other hand, is a manufacturing process that entails producing 3D metal parts by bending, cutting, and or other assembly processes. The process of fabrication requires the use of more specialized equipment including CNC press brakes, CNC laser cutters, welders, and CNC turret presses. Metal fabrication is a more cost-effective means of producing parts in lower quantities. The production of tooling used in stamping can be costly for smaller parts production runs. Fabrication is also effective at providing greater design flexibility as compared to stamping – there is no need to produce custom tooling and dies that are fixed to a particular design.

What is a CNC press brake machine?

This is a Computer Numerical Control machine that is used for bending sheet metal parts. The device is controlled through PLC controllers and software programming, allowing for high repeatability. The machines’ computer controls all the variables such as the pressure, the die selection, and back gauge settings doing away with manual controls and interventions.

What is Design for Manufacturability (DFM)?

This is a process whereby the metal sheet fabrication team and the clients examine the component design, the resources, and the manufacturing capability to make sure the manufacturing process will be cost-efficient and effective.

Other considerations, such as production needs on the quantity front, clients’ needs, and the need to conform to a set of quality standards also come into play. As such, it involves:

  • Quality compliance
  • Part specifications
  • Quality testing compliance
  • Material type
  • Environmental compliance