Custom Sheet Metal Telecommunications Equipment

Sheet Metal Work For Telecommunication Company

” With many long term customers in the industrial networking industry, Bayview Metals is experienced with the parts, quality, and services to meet the needs required from these fast paced, continually advancing companies.”


This type of manufacturing demands precision sheet metal fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal Telecommunication Cabinets

When you need a proven manufacturing partner for Custom Rack Mount Assemblies, Rack Mount Face Plates, 2U Rack Supplies, 3U Rack Supplies, Fan Housings, Rack Mount Accessories; consider Bayview Metals as that trusted supplier. Why purchase blank Rack Mount Components and manually modify them to suit your needs when you can purchase your custom designed component from us?

With over 40 years of experience in precision sheet metal fabrication, Bayview Metals can build custom sheet metal parts for any need. We offer Design Assistance and Rapid Prototypes as part of our commitment to advise and assist in the design, building, and development of your products in order to ensure the highest level of quality and the fastest turnaround possible. Assembling all pieces in a separate warehouse building, we provide a clean environment free of contaminants for all after coating processes, and assembling.

Bayview Metals is ISO 9001:2015 certified as a precision fabricator and manufacturer of custom sheet metal parts We are also RoHS and REACH compliant and our precision work is inspected at all levels to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. At Bayview Metals we believe in continuously improving our equipment, training, and resources to keep up with advances in manufacturing. We have the experience, reliability, and credibility of a trusted partner.
With our short time-to-market process, reputation for reliability and dedication to quality – Bayview Metals is the partner you’ve been seeking.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At Bayview Metals we use only the more advanced equipment including the EMK 3510 turret punch press which allows:

  • Rapid CNC punching for accurately and consistently punching material up to .187” thick
  • 3D modeling with our CAD /CAM interfaces, to ensure parts are precision modeled and built to specification
  • Automatically loaded material

We also use the latest equipment for fabrication of top quality parts and precision cutting of any shape or pattern. This equipment includes:

  • Multiple wetsanding and deburring/grinding stations
  • CNC Press Brakes stations – we have 6 stations
  • MIG, TIG, and Spotwelding stations – we have 2 of each station
  • PEM Hardware Insertion stations – we have 3 stations
  • Form tools
  • Tapping tools
  • Countersink tools
  • Lance tools
  • Embossing tools, and more

Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Telecommunication Manufacturing Companies

At Bayview Metals we are proud to offer our top quality fabrication and manufacturer services to all telecommunication companies including:

  • Audio Visual
  • Industrial Networking
  • Broadcasting
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Wireless
  • Broadband
  • DVR Systems
  • Power Relays

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication for Rack Mount Equipment examples

  • Chassis
  • Faceplates
  • Audio Video applications
  • Amplifier chassis
  • Automation Devices
  • Satellite
  • Routing Systems
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Wireless Communication
  • Antenna / Base station solutions
  • Media Converters
  • Networking Components

We specialize in parts for Electrical and Electronics equipment

Bayview Metals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that manufactures a wide variety of products to very tight tolerances such as; pcb board shrouds, housings, cabinets, control panels, chassis, bracket, panel, faceplate, heat sink, frame, card cage enclosure, or any other metal part.


Custom Metal Enclosures

Custom Rack Mounts are a specialty at Bayview Metals

We fabricate rack-mounted packages for all types of electronics and computing devices including servers, test instruments, telecommunications components, as well as audio & video equipment.

Most importantly, these rack mount systems must fit the custom design requirements exactly.  The goal is dense hardware configurations without occupying excessive floor space or requiring shelving and be well designed for proper air flow.

Custom Rack Mounts

Most Common are

  • Rack Mount Cases
  • Rack Mount Computers
  • Rack Mount Power Supplies
  • Rack Mount Server
  • Audio Visual Rack Mounts
  • Broadcasting Rack Mounts
  • Any Custom Rack Mount Assembly

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