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Sheet Metal Fabrication

CNC shearing, punching, forming enable parts to be precisely manufactured. The speed and accuracy of our punch presses are state-of-the-art. Parts are grained, de-burred and cleaned; applying all necessary attributes such as tapping, countersinking, welding (MIG, TIG, spot). All hardware is installed using computer controlled PEM presses to ensure proper installation tonnage.


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing

Precision Sheet Metal

We are the choice for manufacturing companies that are looking for an aluminum or steel sheet metal fabricator capable of providing high quality precision sheet metal fabricating.

During the fabrication and manufacturing process, all quality related specifications are followed, ensuring dimensional accuracy, as well as any additional critical quality aspects.



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Sheet Metal Fabrication Sub Assembly

Bayview offers sub assembly of certain parts, such as: grounding straps, terminal block installation, card guide installation, lexan doors, hinges or many other possibilities. In addition to manufacturing sheet metal parts, we can provide finished products ranging from simple sub assemblies to complete turnkey production assemblies. We can even help with specialized packaging requirements.

Telecommunications Rack Mount Equipment

” We offer customers many options when designing and manufacturing their high quality communication equipment enclosures “

Michael Bureau
Vice President

Telecommuication Rack Mount Equipment

Power Supply Enclosures

Custom Power Management Enclosures are a specialty at Bayview Metals

Bayview Metals fabricates high quality power supply enclosures that are customized to exact client specifications.¬† This ensures high performance and a long life span. Over the years, we’ve manufactured a lot of different enclosures and know what works. This helps to provide a problem free enclosure for our clients.

Power Supply Enclosures

Electronics Chassis

Chassis enclosures are available in a variety of space-saving sizes to accommodate your exact board and equipment configuration requirements.


Electronic Chassis

Various Metal Products

Virtually any sheet metal part can be manufactured at Bayview Metals, from simple faceplates, to parts with more complex geometry. We have made custom metal parts from stainless steel sewage treatment hardware, to parts that were installed on the Canadarm in space. Common parts fabricated would be internal electronic components and the external metal chassis itself to supply a complete source for our customers. These parts can include any part in the assembly such as pcb board shrouds, fan brackets, heat sinks, bus bars, mounting plates, card guides, EMI shields, rack mount brackets, etc.

Various Metal Products

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