Every product and part we produce is precisely fabricated and manufactured using CNC shearing, CNC punching, and CNC forming sheet metal fabrication equipment.


Virtually any sheet metal part can be manufactured at Bayview Metals, from simple faceplates to parts with more complex geometry. We have made custom metal parts from stainless steel UV water treatment enclosures, to parts that were installed on the Canadarm in space.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Power Supply Enclosures

Custom Power Management Enclosures are a specialty at Bayview Metals

Bayview Metals fabricates high-quality power supply enclosures that are customized to exact client specifications. This ensures high performance and a long-life span. Over the years, we’ve manufactured a lot of different enclosures and know what works. This helps to provide a problem free enclosure for our clients.

Electronics Chassis

Chassis enclosures are available in a variety of space-saving sizes to accommodate your exact board and equipment configuration requirements. These parts can include any part in the assembly such as PCB board shrouds, fan brackets, heat sinks, bus bars, mounting plates, card guides, EMI shields, rack mount brackets, etc.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Sub Assembly

In addition to manufacturing sheet metal parts, we can provide finished products ranging from simple sub assemblies to complete turnkey production assemblies. We can even help with specialized packaging requirements. Bayview Metals offers sub assembly of certain parts, such as:

  • grounding straps
  • lexan doors
  • terminal block installation
  • hinges
  • card guide installation
  • many other possibilities
  • grounding straps
  • lexan doors
  • terminal block installation
  • hinges
  • card guide installation
  • many other possibilities



Using computer aided design and engineering software, we can accept our customers’ design files, create our own from 2D drawings, or offer complete design assistance if needed. The 3dimensional design files are flattened and imported into the latest CAM software for precision cutting of the parts.

An advanced nesting algorithm is used to maximize sheet material usage. CNC shearing, punching, and forming enable custom parts to be precisely manufactured sheet metal fabrications. Shearing cuts sheet metal to size in preparation for custom metal fabrication processes. The speed and accuracy of our CNC turret punch presses is state-of-the-art allowing most, if not all attributes to the flat state sheet metal part.


Standalone laser cutting machines cannot apply any automated forming capabilities such as; countersinking, extruded holes, tapping, lances, emboss, custom stamping, louvers, knockouts, small bends and forms required for sheet metal fabrications. This capability reduces costs of secondary operations and improves quality due to the consistency of a CNC machine, and the automation that cannot miss any of these attributes, as compared to a human operated manual process.

All parts are grinded, deburred, grained and cleaned where applicable following manufacturing to prepare them for a wide variety of finishing, including; powder coating, painting, anodizing, plating, and chromate finishing. We also apply any necessary specifications such as tapping, countersinking, and other operations as required if they were not done in the CNC turret punch press.

Multiple-axis CNC bending allows each part to be precisely crafted prior to joining with MIG, TIG or Spot welding, and all hardware is installed using computer-controlled PEM presses to ensure the appropriate installation tonnage.

Using prime grade consistent raw materials, the latest software packages, and top of the line machinery and tooling ensures an excellent quality finished product, helps reduce lead times, and offers competitive pricing.

We are experts with aluminum and steel sheet metal fabrications for custom precision sheet metal fabricating.


  • Manufacture a wide variety of metal products using a broad selection of metals.
  • Manufacture runs from prototype to medium quantities (e.g.: 10,000 per run).
  • Specialize in prototypes using CAD/CAM interfaces with the fastest CNC fabricators available.
  • Stocking program agreements available to allow for “Just in Time” regular releases, priced on EAU production runs.
  • Strategic Alliance with qualified vendors to supply top quality product
  • Manufacture a wide variety of metal products using a broad selection of metals.
  • Manufacture runs from prototype to medium quantities (e.g.: 10,000 per run).
  • Specialize in prototypes using CAD/CAM interfaces with the fastest CNC fabricators available.
  • Stocking program agreements available to allow for “Just in Time” regular releases, priced on EAU production runs.
  • Strategic Alliance with qualified vendors to supply top quality product


Spot welding is used to weld pieces of metal such as steel, and stainless steel. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process forms an arc between a tungsten electrode and the metal, such as stainless steel, steel, and aluminum, being welded. TIG ranks the highest in quality terms among arc welding. We use it for high quality, high precision welding applications.

Metal Products Manufacturing Toronto

While a large percentage of Bayview Metals’ business is serving electronics companies, we also provide a wide range of custom metal parts from a small custom plate, or “L” bracket to complicated assemblies. Our versatile production allows us to serve a wide range of customers while meeting precise requirements.

Bayview Metal Offers Value-Added Capabilities:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Just in time delivery when fast turnaround is required
  • Local delivery of product

We can assist you with Precision Sheet Metal Projects Big & Small

Bayview Metals can supply Design Assistance and Rapid Prototypes. We have the experience to understand your objectives and budget and simultaneously help take your project to the next level. We have the CAD/CAM capabilities to create detailed designs that produce savings in manufacturing.

Our experience with electromechanical components means working in a cost-effective manner, quickly and accurately, in order to accomplish a smooth new product design process.


We offer a broad selection of electro-mechanical assembly services as an accompaniment to our state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication production software which offer the highest degree of accuracy and quality. Turnkey solutions are offered with finishing and silk screening or pad printing, and our assembly facility has capabilities for kitting, mechanical assembly, custom packaging along with any specific customer requirements.

During the manufacturing process, all quality related customer specifications are followed, as well as controlled through our ISO-9001 certified procedures. This ensures dimensional accuracy as well as the accuracy of any and all critical to quality components. We are committed to providing you with precisely fabricated metal products, competitive pricing and good lead times, which makes Bayview Metals the number one choice for sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication in Southern Ontario.

Ordering Custom Metal Products is Simple at Bayview Metals

All that you will require is a hardcopy or electronic drawing, 3D model, 2D drawing, or a physical sample of the desired product. Meetings with our design staff can also be arranged and design assistance is available when necessary.


Based in Canada, with decades of experience in precision sheet metal manufacturing. We understand the unique requirements of many industry sectors, and have the expertise to be sheet metal fabricators for all types of precision sheet metal manufacturing. As you would expect, Bayview Metals maintains ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Solidworks CAD Design and RADAN CAM and nesting software allows for solid models (Iges, Solidworks, Pro Engineer, etc), two (2) dimensional drawings in any format, or even hand drawn sketches or physical samples to be quickly designed, and CAM programmed into our system for our CNC turret presses to fabricate. The CAM nesting algorithm ensures maximum sheet utilization to reduce material costs.

Technical Point: Solid modelling allows us to transfer your design to metal quickly and accurately and to identify potential manufacturing problems at the design stage – before any parts are produced.

Bayview Metals Offers Expert Mechanical Design Assistance

We have done many high voltage cabinets, chassis fabrication, rack mount parts, automated kiosks, telecommunication parts (ethernet switches, media converters, device servers, routers, hubs, audio/video distribution, DIN or rack mount) or any other sheet metal design from simple to complex to meet the customers’ needs.

We have conducted precision Aerospace sheet metal fabrications. Our quality-certified, innovative design and manufacturing process can produce sophisticated, custom precision metal fabrication at tremendous tolerance standards.

We can advise Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assistance based on our many years of experience in building the sheet metal components. Whether its design feasibility, cost reducing, quality improvement, or performance enhancing modifications, we can advise in these areas.

This often makes us the steel sheet metal fabricator of choice for manufacturing companies looking for precision sheet steel fabricating.

We manufacture parts out of many different materials ranging between .020” – .187” thick

  • cold rolled steel
  • aluminum
  • satin coat steel (zinc-iron alloy)
  • galvanized steel
  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • brass
What makes a great sheet metal fabricator?

Bayview Metals employs qualified, well trained staff, using state-of-the-art-equipment and tooling. We purchase prime material, and source from qualified vendors for material, hardware, sub assembly components, and coating finishes. All aspects of our business are maintained, and continuously improved within our ISO 9001 certified quality system. Our quality policy, and planning has a focus on customer satisfaction, on time delivery, and continuous improvement. We work together with clients large and small with a goal to form a partnership that is mutually beneficial, and long lasting.

In short, solid customer relationships in conjunction with exceptional materials and equipment handled by knowledgeable staff in accordance with strong quality assurance programs makes Bayview Metals an excellent partner.

What expertise is required in manufacturing precision custom sheet metal parts for Electronic Manufacturers?

For over 40 years, Bayview Metals has built our business model around fabricating and supplying precision custom sheet metal parts for the Electronics Industry. Over the years we have worked closely with some of the world’s top Electronics Manufacturers.

In that time we have learned and adapted to serve the unique needs of our clients in providing solutions such as: Design assistance(DFM), seamless integration of client CAD files, prototyping, competitive pricing and turnaround time, on time delivery to allow for downstream planning, added value processes to provide turn key solutions. We have gained experience in providing electronic parts that need special finishes, grounding, ESD, RoHs and Reach compliance, heat restrictions, IP ratings for certifications, and more.

Contact us with your custom requirements.

How do you create precise sheet metal fabrications?

Precision sheet metal fabrications are produced with the highest degree of accuracy by using the latest CAE, CAD, and CAM software. The designs are then fabricated with the tightest tolerances by using the best consistent raw materials, the most accurate CNC cutting and forming machines, and the best quality precision ground tooling.

Why is Sheet Metal Fabrication Sub Assembly so important?

This provides a turnkey solution to our clients. We do many different assembly services from light sub assembly such as attaching rack brackets or DIN Latches, to full assembly kitting with our customers packaging so that the units are ready for shipping to the end user. It is a lean manufacturing solution service to our customers, improving cost and lead time.

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