Reshoring Custom Metal Products with Bayview Metals

Today businesses are converting offshoring risks into benefits at home while helping to grow our local economies. Bayview Metals makes reshoring possible for businesses who want to reduce their offshoring risks

Reshoring is Quickly Becoming Preferred, Especially for Custom Sheet Metal Products with Precise Quality Requirements

A recent Thomas Industrial Survey shows 69% of major manufacturing companies are looking to “reshore” production to North America, including aerospace, automotive, and electronics. This marks the turning point where the risks of offshoring turned into hard costs. Bayview Metals is assisting companies achieve their reshoring goals.

COVID-19 has pointed out the flaw for just-in-time manufacturing supply chains when businesses are reliant on off-shore suppliers. This issue is especially important to manufacturing, with a growing concern for the political changes we are faced with today. Reshoring creates a positive focus on how to deal with potential supply chain bottlenecks and bring the issue to our attention in a way that will enhance existing partnerships, while building new resources here at home.

Issues of Concern

  • Cost of Transportation has risen exponentially, and this new reality takes away from long-distance supply chain from a cost-benefit perspective.
  • Communication can lead to quality issues. More about that later.
  • Offshore wages are rising and they are expected to continue to do so, especially when inflation has become a worldwide issue.
  • Lead times in sourcing offshore products are exponentially higher than sourcing locally.
  • Supply chain disruptions in other countries can make major impacts on price and delivery of product.

Bayview Metals is Well Positioned to Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Automation & Advanced Technology

The Reshoring concept has been around for years, saying there are more costs to consider such as; lower-than-expected savings, shipping, and port delays. For further analysis see, where manufacturers can make estimates in advance.

A non-partisan group of former parliamentarians formed this organization to promote local supply chains. Their goal is to aid Canadian businesses and create more jobs in local economies.

One main issue is Quality and Bayview Metals has an impeccable quality track record spanning 30 years based on High Quality standards. We manufacture customer products to the highest specifications with automated technology and hold ISO certification.

Manufacturing with Advanced Technology & Automation

Bayview Metals automation reduces the labor component and improves quality. This is a primary reason that we will continue to make automation investments going forward into the future.

Advanced cutting-edge manufacturing technology (CNC Punching, Press Brakes) at Bayview Metals adds allows us to manufacture faster with without defects. Our contract manufacturing abilities can include mechanical assembly (including welding), custom finish (anodizing, zinc plating, zinc-nickel plating, & powder coatings) and/or partial assembly or kitting services depending on customer requirements.

Let’s face it, consumers expect faster delivery, which means that our customers need to have inventory on hand to deliver. Being able to match inventory with demand helps our customers to stay competitive.

Bayview Metals manufacturing options help our customers to reduce storage costs, as well as the risk of stolen, lost, or wasted products. As a domestic manufacturer, we can shorten lead times and be responsive to customer delivery requirements.

Rising Cost of doing business in China

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is becoming a more important factor, especially with container shipping. Bayview offers Automation and Advanced Manufacturing Technology for achieving precise sheet metal fabrication requirements. China is becoming more expensive. Fast rising wages and environmental regulations. This “leveling of the playing field” was inevitable, promoting others to do so as well.

Supply Chain Issues

Having your container at sea for three months can create inventory costs, reducing flexibility. What happens if something goes wrong at either end of this process? Regardless of the reason, Tariffs must also be taken into consideration and anything that creates a disruption in the supply chain.

It all Adds Up and Reshoring Can Deliver Added Flexibility

Manufacturing overseas limits overall flexibility, especially if changes are required, increasing turnaround times, not to mention higher costs or shipping needed to expedite delivery. As a domestic supplier, Bayview Metals can be very responsive to product revisions and this quick response makes the process of change more efficient than overseas manufacturers. Typically we get on board earlier and provide immediate consultation aimed at solutions, often with better material options, that improve quality and cost-effectiveness.

Are you Looking at Reshoring Right Now?

Our team of experts, located in Ajax, Ontario, work with OEMs across Canada and even throughout the world. To learn more about how Bayview Metals can help, talk with our team 1-877-426-7260 or contact us.